Translation services in Astana

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Types of Translation Service
Written Translation
We work with texts on any subject and of any complexity. Our experience and the competence of our specialists allow us to perform work at any level. Our centre employs the best and most experienced translators. Their professionalism has been examined over the years and their knowledge in many fields of science and technology allows us to provide translation services at a high level.
This is a priority area in the work of our company. We know the significance and responsibility of the job. The success of negotiations depends on the quality of the interpreting service. An interpreter's work directly affects the image and reputation of a company. Our company therefore has a large staff of experienced and qualified interpreters.
Simultaneous Interpreting
The most complex type of interpreting is performed simultaneously with the speaker. This type of translation also demands special equipment, such as booths for the interpreters and headphones through which listeners can hear the target language. As a rule, simultaneous interpreting is associated with major events at the highest level where there is a large number of speakers and listeners.
Consecutive Interpreting
In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter interprets the speaker after the latter has spoken for a period. Consecutive interpreting does not require the use of any technical equipment. This is the most common form of interpreting used at meetings, negotiations, conferences, forums and other events.
The list of specialisims in translation and interpreting is constantly expanding and now covers the following main areas:
Legal translation/ interpreting
Business translation/ interpreting
Financial translation/ interpreting
Technical translation/ interpreting
Commercial translation/ interpreting
Medical translation/ interpreting
Literary translation/ interpreting
Economic translation/ interpreting
Website translation
The Company in Figures
  • 3 translation coordinators
  • 10 staff translators
  • Over 500 freelance translators
  • 160 interpreters
  • 70 of them simultaneous interpreters
  • We are members of the Translators' Alliance
  • 173 107 pages of written translation/li>
  • 15 468 hours of interpreting
  • In just the last four months, our interpreters have interpreted for 6 857 hours
  • In 2015, our translators have translated 43,951 pages.
Wording, editing, proofreading of texts by native speakers.

Using our translation services, you can be sure of accurate and correct conveyance of meaning, verified terminology. However, only а native speaker is able choose the right nuances, accurate turns and expressions necessary in the context. Our native speakers are experts in their fields, individually selected for each project.

Control the translation process
With the introduction of the latest technology, you can
monitor the results of translation at any time convenient for you
in on-line mode. Also, in order to speed up the translation process,
we make up an individual terminological base for each client.
Why Choose Us?
We organise a project team to meet your needs
Total engagement with the client’s sphere of activity
Compilation of a terminological base for each project
The latest software
Confidentiality guaranteed
Interpreters' training program
Using modern technology
CAT-this system allows translation terminology to be saved,
it can significantly improve quality and reduce translation time
Quality of translation
  • Unification of each translation order
  • Monitoring of translation by customer in on-line mode
  • Automatic checking of text
  • Customer access to translation terminology
Translation speed
  • Parallel work of translator and editor
  • Capability of adapting the previously compiled terminology
  • Capability for several translators to work at the same time
Transparency of work
  • Parallel work of translator and editor
  • Capability of adapting the previously compiled terminology
  • Capability for several translators to work at the same time
Our translators worked on special projects:
How your order is dealt with
Why high-quality translation is so important
Correctly translated documentation will save you from extra costs and provides an accurate picture of the legal position in connection with partners abroad
Correctly translated technical documentation will save you from emergency situations
Correctly translated medical instructions guarantee the proper use of medication and equipment
Correctly translated legal documentation make it possible to defend your rights in court proceedings
Order a test translation of your text
Order a test translation of your text