About Us

Delta Consulting Group LLP was founded in 2008 by a team of ambitious people convinced that there is an insufficient number of companies delivering a wide range of high-quality services within the market. We work in a number of areas which include the following:


  • interpreting and written translation;
  • corporate language training;
  • entrepreneurship education;
  • in-service training;
  • organisation of workshops;
  • seminars and conferences;
  • training courses;
  • competitions;
  • forums and roundtables.

Each year, as we work on the development of the Translation Department, we try to streamline collaboration. We now offer a new range of services and functions as we strive to improve performance quality. We employ only professional translators and interpreters who are interested in developing and improving their translation and interpreting skills.

Our advanced knowledge of language indicates the high standards to which we adhere at both company and employee level. That is why so many enterprises apply to our company for corporate training in general and vocational programmes in particular in order to improve the language skills of their employees.

Along with corporate language training, we provide our customers with in-service training, workshops, seminars and conferences, all led by highly-qualified trainers and lecturers from Kazakhstan and abroad.

We have a great deal of experience in organising and running events of varying complexity, ranging from round-tables to large-scale forums and workshops.

We are a member of
“Saryarka” Association of Entrepreneurs of Astana
FIT (International Federation of Translators)
Alliance of Translators